Car Shipping UK to USA Costs:
Destination Standard Saloon Car SUV / 4×4
Galveston Port              £865                          £1,150
Jacksonville Port              £770                          £860
Port Hueneme              £985                         £1,145
San Diego              £990                         £1,195

We provide very competitive rates for both Roll on / Roll off Service (Ro/ Ro) and containerised shipments for your vehicles to USA. Collection from your home can be arranged on a car transporter just contact us by email or phone we will arrange for your car to be collected from your door at competitive low prices. We ship cars boats, yachts, trucks, SUV’s, and motorbikes directly from the UK to USA.

Shipping a car to the USA can be quite complex if not handled correctly from the start. With strict import regulations and US customs documentation requirements, this can seem quite a daunting task to some. Ship Cars Ltd, a UK based vehicle shipping company has over 10 years’ experience with all matters concerning the safe export and import of vehicles in to the United States. Our team of experienced & professional personnel offer guidance from start to finish.

We have exported some beautiful cars over the years to the USA. We arrange door to port or door to door delivery right across the United States of America and also can arrange US customs, NHTSA, DOT (Department of Transport), EPA and the DMV to ensure that cars and motorcycles are permitted in to the USA.

Vehicles should be over 25yrs to be compliant with strict import rules within the USA. If your vehicle is compliant then our RORO vehicle shipping services to the United States sail weekly from either Southampton or Liverpool. We cover the ports of Baltimore, Brunswick, Charleston SC, Jacksonville, New York, Galveston, Tacoma and Port Hueneme CA. Transit time by RORO varies depending on which destination you want to ship your vehicle to. For example, Baltimore takes approx. 12 days, New York is 10 days whereas Port Hueneme is approx. 27 days as it is on the West Coast. The East coast offers a quicker transit time than the West Coast. Shipping your car to the USA by RORO is very safe.

If you want to import a car from England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, you’ve come to the best resource. Importing a car from the United Kingdom from United States is quite simple with Fast Customs Clearance Ltd. Once you start your shipment with us, we take care of all the major steps to ship your car into the USA.

When shipping a car to the US from the UK, start with all of the details particular to your shipment. A few of the things you should have in mind are the vehicle eligibility, origin, and destination. With this info we can begin to work with you on completing your import.

Eligibility to Import a Car from the UK
The United States restricts certain vehicles from entering the country. Before shipping, it is best to check the eligibility of your car import from the UK.

Check your vehicle’s eligibility with our auto import tool. Alternatively, you can see if your car meets the special situations where your UK car import is eligible below.

Once you have determined that your car is eligible, fill out our online quote tool at the top. Our representatives will then create a custom estimate for your vehicle import specific to the details you have provided.